CollaboCorner, space full of innovation, collaboration and celebration.


At CollaboCorner, we are committed to provide freelancers, entrepreneurs and teams an international setting and convenient co-working space that guarantees maximum expression of creativity and collaboration, as well as aid to innovate.


At CollaboCorner, we give you the platform to effectively communicate and collaborate with creative minds to drive improvements and innovations.


We aim to attract individuals who believe in the power of collaboration and bringing projects from conception to execution.
We create strong partnerships leading to success not just as a business but also as a welcoming resource for local and international creatives.

Why CollaboCorner ?

1. Everything you need in a modern office, without the hassle of maintenance.

2. A dynamic mix of start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business teams.

3. Use our lounge space to connect with your coworkers, or have coffee with your clients.

4. Choose from a wide range of styles and sizes of rooms to better suit your needs

5. We conceive and translate our member's dreams into reality.

6. A single-minded focus on getting results.